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Elderflower Honey (8oz)

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Ease your body and mind with the nutritiously rich benefits of pure, raw honey infused with elderflower for a powerhouse of wellness. Use Elderflower Honey with your favorite food or drink to incorporate into your daily lifestyle.

Our honey retains all of the natural enzymes, pollen, propolis, and various vitamins and minerals that are essential to today’s diet.

Our Elderflower Infused Honey is a combination of our farm fresh raw honey and elderflower. Contains natural elderflower pollination notes from our elderberry fields during elderflower bloom, along with infused dried elderflower.

3 reviews for Elderflower Honey (8oz)

  1. Lizzie

    Always my go-to, it’s the perfect addition to my hot tea! I can’t let my kitchen go without elderflower honey! 💛

  2. Jeris

    I enjoy this honey for high flu and allergy season! Since I have used it I have not been sick a single day! One of my favorites for tea as opposed to the other CBD honey that is sweeter.

  3. Ash

    The best honey!! I use it several times a week! Has helped lots with seasonal allergies 🤧 I use a dabble of it in my tea or on my Greek yogurt yummm!

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