Quality Matters

At Elder Farms, Quality Matters We are elderberry farmers, beekeepers, and soon to be Hemp farmers. We share a passion for sustainability, natural remedies, and environmental stewardship. We are proud to use a holistic and natural approach to our farming practices without the use of any chemicals and to emphasize the importance of soil health. A few hard lessons and a whole lot of faith led us to restore our family farm and commit fully to raising therapeutic plants that we truly believe help to make a positive change in people's health.



At Elder Farms, each of our ingredients is tested three times for purity and potency before it leaves our facility and reaches our customers. Each raw ingredients arrives at our facility with verifiable Certificates of Analysis provided by the manufacturer for purity and potency. During the in-house production process, we test the ingredients a 2nd time to ensure potency. After the finished product has been been created, we send that product off to a third-party testing facility to ensure potency for a third time. We are constantly striving to source the purest and highest quality extracts to add to our products.

We are honored and fortunate to be one of the first ever Missouri farms growing Industrial Hemp for CBD research in collaboration with Missouri State University's agricultural program. This will help other Missouri farmers have confidence in their seed and genetics that they are growing in the years to come. We look forward to soon sourcing our Hemp Extract from our own Hemp plants grown on site and be able to offer a 100% Missouri-grown seed to sale Hemp Extract product. View our Elderberry/Hemp products here.